Free spirted, advenuturous heart, fascinated by life, and by each individuals perspective, but most of all; I’m overly grateful you have found me.

Hola hola, I’m Moni, I’m a Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer based in Cancun Mexico. Thank you so much for beign here right now in this preciese moment, reading a little bit about me; I have nothing but gratitude.
I’m from Los Angeles California, I’ve been living here in Cancun Mexico for over 10 years now and loving every minute of it. I graduated from California State University Los Angeles majored in Film & TV Broadcasting.
I’m a proud mommy of 3 (Ariel, Xavi and Alék). Married to an amazing and wonderful Dr. (Pediatrician) that supports me and stands right next to me every step of the way.
I begin each day with a grateful heart, always trying to become the best version of myself.
I started my Photography business back in 2011, it was just my sister Adri (she’s now a very well known wedding photographer in L.A.) and I. Both full of dreams and goals. Now I’m humbled to say that I own my very own Photography Studio. My work has been featured in many wedding blogs and magazines around the world including Green Weeding Shoes, Carats & Cake, and many more. I’m one of the Top Destination Wedding Photographers here in Cancun, Tulum, Riviera Maya and Playa Mujeres.
I’m devoted to the beauty of capturing fleeting yet endearing moments. I’m obsessed with natural light filled images, details, luminosity, grain and softness.
I love images that tell a story of love.
My priority is to photograph authentic stories that will endure through time. You might have noticed, my style is organic, airy, elegant, romantic, and soft. I live for the beauty and awe of Sunrise and Sunsets, I’m flattered to say that I’ve had the honor to document heart-filled celebrations from exceptional couples that have become my long lasting friends. I love personalizing everything I do, this makes my relationship and experiecne with all of my couples that much meaningful. So once again, thank you for stoping by. I know you and I have many things in common. I would be honored to get to know you and be part of your life story. I am eager to listen to you, and capture romantic photographs that will last for generations.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”


Hi, I´m Andrea , Moni & Adri Photography Studio Manager, but you can call me Andy. I was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico , but after almost 5 years, now I can say I belong here in Paradise- Cancun Mx.
I majored in Graphic Design, graduated from UNIVA (Universidad del Valle de Atemajac) in Guadalajara, Jalisco.
I had the opportunity to travel and study abroad to Vancouver Canada to improve my english at the famous YMCA school … I speak very well English, with a really funny accent. I like to call it “a romantic accent.”

Im not a photographer, I’m actually the one in charge of the entire studio. I make sure things run smoothly. I’m a “do it all” kind of a girl. I edit, I design, I’m in charge of the studio’s branding, I coordinate the agenda for all photo sessions. I also help out with emails, I do handcrafts and of course , I’m always up to date will all the new wedding trends.

My passion: Weddings and Design, that is why I love my job.
I’m very good at editing and designing. When it comes to work, I’m obsessed with punctuality.
On a more personal note, I’m a very good listener, a very good friend, I’m a dog lover and an early bird. I work best in the mornings. Improving myself professionally and personally is an every day goal for me. This year I’m happy to say, I’ll be running my very first Marathon. I truly enjoy traveling and visiting new places.


My name is Hector and 96 percent of my body is made up of just five elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and “coolness”. I was borned and raised in Jalisco Mexico, I have a degree in Graphic Design. I’m interested in doing things the right way rather than looking or chasing for easy results. I’m the Senior Editor here in the Moni & Adri Photography Studio. I’m in charge of the entire editing department. You can also find me shooting weddings with Moni.

I strongly believe that “dedication” is the key to our editing process and of course an awesomely inspiring reggae playlist ! What fuels my passion is learning more about photography from the very best team… and of course traveling around the globe.


Hi, I’m Kary, in the studio they like to call me Dr. Smiles. I’m not sure why, I’m actually a little grinch.
I’m from Mexico City, I’m 25 years old. I majored in Graphic Design from La Salle University here in Cancun.

There are three things people must know about me. 1. I’m not a morning person. 2. I enjoy a good party, so if you know of one coming up, please invite me. And 3. I don’t like sharing my food. This is no joke (it’s actually a big deal for me).
I practice boxing so please don’t come near me while I’m eating.
Just saying!

On a more serious note, I’m honored to say I’m an editor here in the Moni & Adri Photography Studio. Working with the best! I’ve been on board for couple of years now. I’m very good at post production; photoshop and light room. I’m actually a very quiet person, but don’t get confused.. not shy at all. Im a very sincere human being, trustworthy, dedicated , very patient and extremely analytical.

I believe we’re all authors of our own book called “life”. We write our story day by day. It’s entirely up to us to write positive or negative things on it .. to add love, adventure, or even fun experiences. I don’t believe in bad times or problems. I think everything happens to us as a challenge to become a better person, we must accept everything that comes our way weather it’s good or bad.. we should overcome our obstacles and continue to learn more about this incredible thing called life.

Add life to your days, not days to your life.